G.P. Auto Parts – Pay attention to every detail.
G.P. Auto Parts Company Limited was founded in 1981 with the registered capital of 80 million bath. We are a comprehensive leading automotive parts distributor and one of the most trusted distribution centers who gained trust from clients such as parts shops, garages, motor insurances, fleets, government and state enterprises, car clubs and end users with billions of sales per year.
For the past 40 years, we are determined to select great quality automotive parts from global leading manufacturers in order to distribute genuine and high quality aftermarket parts to our clients, as in both retail and wholesale, with a complete customer service provided by specialists. We also have a large and on standard warehouse and a good structure of management that can quickly deliver products across Thailand on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. With our service, we can ensure you that whatever auto parts you need, we can always get it for you.

Company’s Purpose

It started from the moment that we saw drivers using low-quality replacement parts that need to replace them more frequently, may lead to mechanical problems, or cause major safety problems for them. Mr. Viboon Sirimaneetham, the Former Autoparts Executive of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd (1965 – 1981) has decided to establish a distribution center to ensure clients with genuine parts distribution. And that was how we became G.P., as known as Genuine Parts.
Now, G.P. Auto Parts has become not only just a distributor but also an automotive parts solutions provider to provide happiness and safety back to the drivers, to reduce environmental problems and to support partners in automotive supply chain and after-sales service.


A leading comprehensive automotive parts center & to be acknowledged as an integrity, a truly professional, and service excellent

Shared Values



Work together as a team


Fast service and feedback


Followed by ethics


Focusing on customers /


Constantly improving


Quality System

Throughout the years, we are committed to continuously improving our quality system with customer-centric method following the guidelines of the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) by applying various tools in increasing work effectiveness, such as Lean Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen and has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System by SGS (Thailand), certificate number TH19/12429, in order for customers to be assured in systematic working standards, quality in each working process and back-tracking work process followed by the quality policy;
“G.P. Auto Parts Company Limited has determined to be a leading comprehensive automotive parts center who is committed to follow the customers requirement and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements to enhance customer satisfaction and also continuously improving quality system through corporate value among all levels of employees.”


▪ “SME National Awards” by The Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP) under Office of the Prime Minister, and Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) under Ministry of Industry
▪ “SMEs Excellence Awards”, Platinum level by Thailand Management Association (TMA)

Why Us ?

We distribute genuine parts merely from automobile manufacturers or authorized car dealers
Fast service
We have experience team with service mind and state-of-the-art IT system
Quality Transportation
We have speedy and different types of transportation to match customer requirement
Large Distribution Center
We carry sufficient inventory level to reduce the stocks at customer side
Wholesale Price
We provide products with reasonable price to lower customer cost
One stop shopping
We provide products & brand variety to meet customer requirement
Quality system
We have global quality management system that can track & trace every process